Virtual Oslo

Grand Tour with a guide

The coach for your guided tour of Oslo may be found in front of the town hall (1). Imagine that you enter the bus, sit down by the window and relax. As the bus starts, your guide starts to speak.The town hall was built in 1950 to commemorate the city's 9th century. Attached to the west side of the left tower you can see the statue of the Viking king Harald Hardråde on horseback. He was killed at Stanford Bridge in 1066 attempting to conquer England.

Passing the National Theater (2) we can see the statues of Ibsen and Bjørnson. Bjørnson wrote the lyrics for our national anthem. On the opposite side you can see the Parliament building,(3) housing 165 representatives from 19 districts. Parliamentary representatives are elected for a period of 4 years. The main street is called "Karl Johan". It was named after the king who built the Royal Palace (4) on a hill at one end of the street. The palace was completed in 1858. Karl Johan had been one of Napoleons officers. His real name was Jean Baptiste Bernadotte. He became king of the united kingdoms of Sweden and Norway in 1818.

The university building (5) is where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony used to be held (from 1999 at the town hall). On our way to Vigeland Park we follow Drammensveien. To the right you can see the statue of Karl Johan made by Brynjulf Bergslien. It was he who discovered Gustav Vigeland and found sponsors for him. On the left side of the Royal Palace is the statue of Queen Maud, daughter of King Edward of Great Britain, married to King Haakon, elected king of Norway in 1905. A statue of the king is located on the square near by the Foreign Office (6).

We now pass the American embassy on your left. It was designed by the famous Finnish architect Saarinen. The Nobel Peace Institute (7) is on your right. Soon we will pass the statue (8) "Citizen of Calais" by the French sculptor August Rodin. The university library (9) is to the left, and here, when we turn into Bygdøy Allé, you can see the offices of Norsk Hydro (10) - Norway's second largest company. Norsk Hydro produces fertilizers, magnesium, aluminum, car parts and oil. We pass the statue of Sonja Henie(11) on our way to the Vigeland Park's main gates. She won her first Olympic games gold medal for her skating in 1928 when she was only 16 years old.